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In 2023, the Kuugalak team was selected as one of two finalists for the $1M Arctic Inspiration Prize. Our proposed project:


"aims to build a highly customized language campus in Cambridge Bay, combining indoor and outdoor cultural activity areas, community-designed cultural production equipment, and experimental landscaping bridging green energy research with the growing of local plant species for climate adaptation, nutrition, and cultural use. It will be a site for free public programming that draws from deep reserves of Inuit and local knowledge to foster innovation." 

While we ultimately did not win the AIP, it was a valuable opportunity for our team to share its project, and meet with exciting people and programs from across the Arctic and beyond. We extend our thanks that Kuugalak's team was included in the event, and congratulations to all the teams who showcased their incredible projects that night. 

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Click to access more information about the Kuugalak project being proposed. 
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