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PI/KHS is developing a climate action strategy to assess the short and long-terms changes that can reduce the environmental footprint of our organization and community.  Climate change adaptation and mitigation actions go hand in hand. Even with significant measures to reduce green house gas emissions, we recognize that climate change is inevitable and will have significant economic, social and environmental impacts. As the Arctic is warming at twice the global average, this means big changes for Cambridge Bay. We need to adapt quickly to reduce the negative impacts of this change and to take advantage of new opportunities a changing landscape presents. 

This section will profile our vision, goals and strategies to reduce our emissions, lessen our environmental impacts and adapt to the rapidly changing world we live in. 



To do our part to curb climate change, PI/KHS is conducting a full review of our organization's energy usage, including historical consumption analysis, comparison to other similar facilities around the country (benchmarking), and technology energy assessment. This analysis will help identify opportunities to reduce energy usage at both the existing May Hakongak Cultural Centre and in any future buildings we seek to create.


Our community currently relies on diesel for all of its energy, which is extremely carbon intensive. We are working to create a green house gas inventory to identify the steps we can take to reduce our carbon footprint through energy efficiency measures, waste reduction and changing the way we operate.     

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