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The Nunamiutuqaq program wants to educate northerners about their changing world. This 101 section features plain language explanations and infographics to help you better understand what climate change involves, why it is caused, and some of the renewable technologies that we can use to help offset our impact on the world. 

We have partnered with Brightspot Climate to create this series of primers based on questions that we have been frequently asked by northerners during our research. 

Above the Clouds


Contact Lydia and Keith at Brightspot with your Climate Change and Renewable Energy Questions 

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Would you like advice on what renewable energy sources to add to your cabin? 

Ever wondered if solar panels are usable during an Arctic winter? 

Do you have questions about ways to reduce your environmental footprint? 

We are collaborating with Brightspot Climate to make our project research more accessible to northern communities. Ask Brightspot is a new feature designed to provide northerners with the information they need to become more aware of climate change and solutions in their part of the world. Use this request form to connect directly to energy experts Lydia Brant and Keith Knutsen for help with any questions you might have about renewable energy, climate change, or available northern energy programs. 

Brightspot is an independent climate change and energy consultancy that prioritizes education, connection to the land, zeal for the environment, and hope for the future. 

All questions and answers from this section will be posted in our archives with personal names and contact information removed so that we can all learn from the answers.

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