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Our building project is designed to innovate across multiple areas, including piloting renewable technologies and energy efficient materials for Arctic conditions, designing through Inuit vernacular architecture, and revising western approaches to construction that have guided the last century of building in the North. To mitigate this risk, we have outlined a two-part infrastructure and organizational feasibility study to both assess and build our organization and community’s capacity to conduct a major capital project in a manner that is genuinely directed by Inuit. The first component of our Feasibility Study includes the construction and trialling of a workshop space in 2021-2023. Capital projects in the North are subjected to many constraints related to short construction seasons, high shipping costs and potential disruption of the supply chain. We will be addressing those risks by learning from the first phase of our project and the building of the small-scale workshop space. A second component of the Feasibility Study will focus on assessing readiness for a major capital project at an organizational level, and will include components of needs and market assessment, program analysis, facilities use, spatial design, and resource analysis. We will use the knowledge, experience and partnerships acquired through this two-part study to assess the feasibility of Phase 2 for our project, which involves the construction of the full-scale Inuinnait research facility


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