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From May 1st to 5th, 2022, our team gathered at SAIT facilities in Calgary, Alberta to conduct a Knowledge Mobilization workshop that would bring all partners together to finalize blueprints, shared project experience, and obtain hands-on training from several industry partners creating materials that will be used in Kuugalak's construction. The primary goals of the workshop were to

1) Bridge the innovation and ingenuity of Inuinnait culture with the knowledge of other partners to find new solutions for building design, green and renewable energy, and energy efficient infrastructure in the North.

2) Prepare the construction team local to Cambridge Bay with the knowledge, tools, and connection to the project design necessary to construct the case study building on site in Nunavut.

3) Successful construction of a building that reflects the vision provided by the Elder advisors.

4) Elder advisors and PI/KHS are confident in explaining, using, and maintaining the structure to further enhance their community work.

5) Integrate two-eyed seeing within the architecture and engineering experience.

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