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Conducted between May 11th-May 15th, 2021, this two-part virtual workshop brought together northern and southern research partners, engineers, industry experts from construction and material design backgrounds, and individuals with significant experience in building and living in northern homes. The goal of the workshop was to begin mapping needs and challenges for contemporary building in the Canadian Arctic.  This workshop developed a strong foundation for the pilot project's key design questions and themes to explore during further interviews and workshops.  


Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq / Kitikmeot Heritage Society

Brendan Griebel 

Sophie Pantin

Pamela Gross
Kim Crockatt 

Lyndsey Friesen 

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

​Melanie Ross 

Sophie Pantin

Rob Avis

Jamie McInnis

Hayley Puppato

Diane Patrick

Tom Jackman

Jairo Rodriguez


Robert Cooke (Polar Knowledge Canada)

Carsen Bannister (National Research Council Canada)

Industry Expertise

Sandi Gillis (Qillaq Innovations)

James Keirstead (Levven Electronics)

Trish Josephs (Imaginea IO)

Jim Gilliland (Williams Engineering) 

Martina Retzer (Innotech Windows)

Terry Moser (ZS2 Technologies)

Trish Josephs (ZS2 Technologies)

Doug Brown (ZS2 Technologies)


These workshops allowed us to begin identifying specific needs and challenges inherent to the building of cultural spaces in the Canadian Arctic. Conversations address a variety of topics ranging from specific infrastructure challenges-such as water delivery and sewage removal- to subjects such as available equipment and capacity in Cambridge Bay. All ideas were noted in abbreviated format, before being filtered into specific categories of design needs. 


Click on the below images from our workshop to activate zoom functionality for a closer reading of the content.  

May 5th, 2021 Workshop mural poster.jpg
2021.05.13_ Building Design & Materials
2021.05.13_ Cultural & Community Poster.
2021.05.13_ Logistics & Construction Pos
2021.05.13_ Mechanical & Energy Poster.j
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