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The purpose of this workshop was to communicate and gather input from Cambridge Bay community members, industry and Government employees on suitable building designs for the North. The event also introduced SAIT team members to the community and provided a walk-through virtual tour of designs implemented in the Green Building Technology research lab. This workshop was designed to refine ideas generated during earlier workshops through better understanding past and ongoing local energy efficiency projects. 


MLA: Jeannie Hakongak Ehaloak,

Municipality:  Marla Limousin, Valter Botelho-Resendes, Angela Gerbrandt

Aurora Energy Solutions: Tom Rutherdale 

​PI/KHS: Brendan Griebel, Pamela Gross, Sophie Pantin

CHARS: Chris Chisholm, Jason Etuangat, Bryan 

SAIT: Melanie Ross, Hayley Puppato, Tom Jackman


  • Local drinking water, grey water,  and sewage systems

  • Importance of considering high efficiency appliances as a significant way of addressing many current housing issues dealing with water consumption and sewage output.  

  • Creating drainage/septic systems to facilitate cultural practices surrounding food and materials preparation (animal hide skinning, waste product removal, etc.).

  • Passive solar and waste heat recovery

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