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The construction of Kuugalak represents the culmination of extensive research and engagement by our organization, local Elders and the wider Cambridge Bay community. To celebrate and document this important milestone, we sought the services of professional photo-documentarian Margaret Thompson to record the process, relationships and community involvement behind its creation. For 6 weeks in the fall of 2023, Margaret and her camera were embedded in our team to chart the building's progress towards reality, and the many challenges, successes and collective efforts behind this pioneering architecture. ​The resulting photos showcase the broader story of how Kuugalak stems from, and serves, the community of Cambridge Bay, from the people directly involved in its construction, to the ongoing cultural programs that it has been designed to support. We hope that you enjoy this selection of photos from the extensive archive documenting the day-by-day development of Kuugalak.

This research program was generously supported by:

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