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Iqaluit Aquatic Centre

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Image source: City of Iqaluit

The City of Iqaluit built a new energy efficient aquatic centre, designed to be LEED Silver Certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). The building integrates the natural and cultural environment to a high-performance envelope and other energy-efficiency features. It is reducing GHG emissions and water consumption and created local jobs.

To reduce degradation to the permafrost, the Centre is supported by steel piles that have been drilled into the bedrock and secured with grout. The airspace between the building and the ground help keep the ground below the Aquatic Centre cold. The original design included a district energy system that would have captured waste heat from the City’s diesel generators to fuel the aquatic centre; this, however, was delayed. The project team also had to adapt construction to sea lift schedules and delays, due to bad weather. To reduce the waste going to the landfill during construction, the contractors found innovative ways to re-use and recycle materials, diverting at least 70% of it.

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