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This land-based visioning exercise was designed to better understand the relationship between our future cultural workshop and museum and the landscape that it will live in. PI/KHS staff and Board of Elders gathered at the future location of the new cultural campus to consider the importance of building this new cultural campus from a strong foundation of language and land. Questions asked of the group during the workshop included:  

  • What do you know about this piece of land? How does it change throughout the seasons? Is there a lot of snow drifting in the winter? How high does the water go in the spring and summer?  

  • Where should we place the buildings and surrounding infrastructure? 

  • Where should outdoor cultural activities take place? 

  • How do we enter the site? Where should the parking lot be?

  • How do we revegetate the site once construction is finished? What do you recommend?  


Emily Angulalik, Helen Blewett, Sophie Pantin, Janet McGrath, Brendan Griebel, Eva Kakolak, Arnouyok Alookee, Susie Maniyogina, Mabel Etegik, Bessie Omilgoetok, Eva Ayalik

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