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The Nunamiutuqaq program prioritizes openness of project data and results to allow a larger community to address knowledge gaps in northern green and renewable architecture by creating, compiling, and sharing detailed information.  We provide open access to our project's compiled information about materials and technology performance, community knowledge and priorities, and workshop proceedings.

We are also committed to providing live data from the ongoing monitoring of our cultural work space. 


We have developed an extensive monitoring plan to help us and others assess the performance of the materials, technology and design incorporated in our new building.  It is our hope that this will provide users with more data and greater opportunities for informed decision making about future buildings. With multiple sensors built into our new building, we are able to monitor the building's performance both in real time, and over extended period of time, in order to analyze trends, look for anomalies, and assess whether the building is performing as intended.  This monitoring plan takes in account the many factors that can affect building performance including the number of people using a space, how  a space is used, the adjustments people make, weather conditions, in addition to technical performance of  materials and equipment. Our monitors specifically target the following areas of the building: 

  • Heat trace thermal transfer

  • Water usage and supply temperature

  • Hot water usage and electrical consumption 

  • Water tank fill level  

  • Septic tank temperature 

  • Base board heater thermal transfer 

  • Total space heating thermal load,

  • Vestibule thermal load and electrical consumption

  • HRV delta-temperatures and electrical consumption

  • Thermal transfer in in-floor heating

  • Room temperature and humidity 

  • Envelope/wall system thermal performance

We intend to do regular interviews with users of the building for additional feedback about the building's performance. 

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