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From 1999 to 2010, PI/KHS collaborated with the University of Toronto on a project combining traditional knowledge and archaeology at Iqaluktuuq, near Cambridge Bay.


This area is home to approximately 3000 years of Arctic occupation, including the largest known concentration of Dorset longhouses. Inuit and and their ancestors travelled to this area to exploit its seasonal fish run of Arctic char. 


In 2018, PI/KHS began a five-year collaboration with the University of Toronto to investigate the cultural history and archaeology of the Bathurst Inlet region.


We are documenting the enduring and evolving Inuit relationship to the Bathurst Inlet landscape through excavations, community monitoring, drone mapping, language and toponymy, and oral history work.


This project has involved multiple Elders from Cambridge Bay who grew up in this region, adding a strong element of personal experience and first-hand story telling to the interpretation of the area's rich evidence of historical occupation. 

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Over the years, we have paired archaeology with oral heritage to gain a deeper understanding of the past through Inuinnait perspectives. Working with Elders to interpret sites and artifacts, we have been able to record oral traditions about Inuinnait life both prior to, and post, significant contact with non-Inuit culture.

This section provides multiple project interviews and transcripts relating to first hand accounts and memories of occupying the land. 

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